imPress Manicure Review

I received two sets of impress’ Manicure to review complimentary of Influenster.  Let me add, I was thrilled that they have finally starting sending products to us Canadians!

imPress Manicure Review

When I received these sets, I was automatically attracted to the ones on the left.  The pink ones were a little too out there for me.

imPress Manicure Review


To be honest, I thought these were those little nail polish stickers, so I was rather surprised when I opened them, and they were actual “fake” nails (lol).  I was automatically brought back to grade 8 with my long fake nails that were applied with crazy glue.  Oh dear.

In the back of my mind, there was no way these were going to last more than one day.  Surprisingly though, they did.

imPress Manicure

I’ll back up a sec though and talk about the application:  super easy.  Enough said.

I wore these out that night and got a ton of compliments from my friends.  They loved the length and the colour (which was a gorgeous duo chrome of green and purple).

imPress Manicure Review

Perfect.  The manicure lasted over night.  The real test was taking a shower and washing my hair.

Not only did these nails last through that, they lasted another good 5 days before I decided to take them off.

They would have lasted longer, but, I hate how fake nails get all, uh, gunky underneath after a few days (you know what I mean right?  Even with acrylics/gels).

I followed the instructions about taking them off.  You simply lift the sides and pull them up.  I was expecting this to hurt (think pulling off gel nail polish), but considering how well they were secured, they were easy to take off.  No residue left on my nails either, and no damage! WOW.

Alright, this product is amazing, but was it luck?  This time, I thought the ultimate test would be cottage for a few days.  I decided to brave the bright pink printed ones.

imPress Manicure

Again, exactly the same.  These puppies lasted through a 3 day cottage trip.  They would have lasted a lot longer, but again, I decided to take them off.

Overall, I have to say, these nails are AWESOME.  I was so highly imPressed  with them that I obviously had to do a review.  Need a quick manicure but don’t have time?  Pick these up.  They last too, that’s the best part.

My one small gripe?  If you don’t press the sides down hard enough, your hair will get caught……That was really my own stupidity though ;)

QUICK, run out and buy these!  If they are on sale, I’d say stock pile them!!!

What have been your experiences with these nails been?  Let me know below.



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